Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check out this blog, it's a great legal review of Prop 8...

This blog is a really good LEGAL overview of why someone should consider voting yes on Prop. 8. There are the moral and social issues, but his blog gives a clear legal review regarding the constitutionality of this proposition and why voting no will be a detriment to all, even those who want it to fail.

As a side note, the other night I was out with a few friends putting up Yes on Prop 8 signs. I find it amazing how intolerant some people can be. I'm getting bashed for being intolerant of other's lifestyles by voting yes on prop 8, but isn't someone else being intolerant when they yell swear words and other obscenities at me when I'm putting up signs? If this whole argument is about tolerance, than it needs to go both ways people!