Sunday, October 5, 2008

Even Further North...

What can be more exciting than a trip to somewhere new? A trip that includes BYU football of course! So Cassie and I went to Seattle (I have been there, but it's been a while and I don't remember much of what we did except maybe a human pyramid?). I have an aunt and uncle that kindly let us stay with them. And we tried to jam pack in as much as possible in the 2 days we were there. We got in on Friday morning after an extremely early flight out of San Diego (who was the crazy that planned that one and it's even more crazy that we found someone to take us to the airport that early!). Our first stop, after the rental car...downtown Seattle and the space needle! We tried to hit up as many tourist spots as possible in the one day we could devote to sight seeing. We went to the space needle, where our view was fantastic. We all associate Seattle with rain, but that weekend it was so clear, nice temperature and green! So beautiful. And we could tell that we were not the only BYU fans traipsing around..we met them all at the top of the space needle! Randomly, we met the people we were sitting next to at the game the next day:)

Next, we hit up the duck tour. This consisted of us getting onto an old WW2 floatable bus. It drove us around the tourist spots in downtown, with a crazy bus driver telling us of the history and stats about the city. This guy was so funny. I hope my video uploads to show you. We drove over a bridge that I'm blanking on the name of, to the other side of a lake that sits next Seattle. We then DROVE into the lake. The bus converted into a boat and took us for a boat tour of Seattle. It was awesome. The best way to quickly see Seattle in my opinion.

We then headed down to Pikes Market, where we walked around the many floors containing trinkets, home made items, food, fish, candy, clothing vendors and anything else you could think of. Again, the BYU fans were abundantly clear and ran into our game mates again. Cassie and I found this pasta that is flavored like chocolate. I of course bought some, anything chocolate works for me. I tried it after getting back to San Diego and not too bad. Interesting to eat chocolate pasta.

That night we met up with my aunt and uncle for dinner on the waterfront. Thanks again Kathy and Tim! It was fun to catch up and visit with the sun going down over the water, with the mountains across the sound in the background. I may not have seen Seattle in the rainy months, but it was gorgeous then and I thought, I could live here. Maybe, who knows where life will take me.

The next day...was the big event. BYU vs. Washington Huskies. My aunt and uncle were going as well, so we went early with them to the BYU tailgate party and then went and found our seats. Admittedly they were pretty high up, but we had a great view of the entire field and game. It was exciting, maybe a little too exciting for my comfort. BYU finally won the game by blocking Washington's point after attempt, 28-27. A little too close for comfort, but we'll take the win (and look at where they are now!)

After the game, my aunt and uncle again showed us the town, by taking us to the Puyallup(?) fair. We ate, walked around, checked out the livestock, and saw some really huge pumpkins. I had to buy something locally grown, so I got some Apple Spice honey creme. So good on hot toast. It was really fun to be there and see my family, who I hadn't seen in a while. So nice of them to let us stay. We left Seattle early on Sunday morning, making it back in time for church and the sunday school lesson I had to teach:)


Brad and Mo Petersen said...

You look sooo good! Sounds like a super fun trip! Miss you!

Jeff & Rushell said...

Mom and Dad said they had a good time with you guys, infact I think they were a little worn out. Glad you got to experience some of the beautiful weather Seattle has to offer a few times a year, I miss that.