Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prop 8 calling gems!

The CA YSA's have been given the challenge to call 1 million voters before election day. I've called last night and tonight and plan on tomorrow night and many more times before election day. But in my two nights of political telemarketing, I've come across some little gems.

1. This can be really boring. I remember doing telemarketing in college and now remember why I didn't stick with that job.

2. Voice is gone by 2nd hour of 2nd day...fabulous. Your boss thinks your sick though, maybe he'll send you home:)

3. Confidence in humanity has been somewhat restored...i was afraid there for a while.

4. "She don't tell me, I don't tell her, so we don't tell you." has been my favorite line so far. Thanks for your time sir!!

5. How late is too late to call someone? I went until 8:40pm tonight and after 5 people in a row told me I was calling too late, I believed them and decided I was done.(I really do want to know the answer to this one, so please, let me know your too late to call times, when do you not answer your phone?)

6. Apparently 1,000 cell phone minutes isn't as much as I thought it was. I will never telemarket over my cell phone again:)

7. I've gotten a few peeps tell me I should be ashamed of myself for voting yes. Oh well, again, 'Thanks sir for your time, have a good night." I can live with myself still in the morning.

But for the most part, it's been pretty positive, I hope this gives others some hope!


Janelle said...

Good job Lisa!

Brad and Mo Petersen said...

I think all you Californias that have done so much to help Prop 8 along are amazing! You are very brave and have a lot to be proud of!