Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Great State of NorCal...

I know, it has been a while since you have heard from me. How does life get so busy and crazy? I don't know, but I have been told (mainly by my mom and sister) that an update is in order, since I live such an exciting life! (j/k, it's active, but maybe too crazy). So first update...going north!

I have a friend who likes to pretend that NorCal isn't even there, that it's part of the, i'm sure, wonderful state of Oregon. Well, it's there and maybe sometimes us northerners wish we were a separate state from the crazies down her in SoCal:) But in any case..I went north to visit the fam the weekend before my birthday. My sister Brigitte and her baby, my nephew, were there as well. While there, we ate the best Chinese food, went to the zoo, hung out with my nephew, went to church and saw friends..picked up my tickets to the Washington/BYU football game I was headed to the next week. It was nice to be home. I hadn't seen Logan since his blessing earlier in the spring, so it was fun to see him attempting to roll over and playing and being a very well behaved boy at the zoo and church. He's a good little guy!

While home, I got birthday gifts that are much appreciated. My mom bought me a really cute dress and bag, they've been put to good use. My sister Celia made my a quilt this summer and it is wonderful! I need to post a picture of it. I'm serious when i saw it's a work of art. She put so much time into this quilt. I had to keep it out for all my friends to see when I got back to San Diego.

I love tigers! I think they're a beautiful cat, but this one was kind of lazy! And the giraffes...apparently they had a surprise baby cute!

We got them to stand up...for Julia!