Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet me in....the Atlantic?

Our Boston travels took us to the far reaches of our country...this is as far as I've ever been.
But even out there, we had help for us to find our way...light is never far off. It has always been one of my goals to visit Atlantic lighthouses. So I probably got pretty annoying by trying to get our group to head to all these lighthouses. We marched through brush and field to get there but we got some good shots!

We decided that we could be flexible in our sight seeing, so we headed up to New Hampshire to check out the "American Stonehenge." Scholars are not sure and argue about where these formations came from. It looked like stone tables, some chambers, possible sacrificial areas. We're not sure, but it was pretty cool to go up to another state, it was only 20 miles away! Everything seemed so much smaller there. This is a photo of Cassie standing next to some clay depressions that were used by whomever built American Stonehenge.

...and a shot of the drive.

We jumped into local activity by heading to the Topsfield Fair, one of the oldest fairs in the country, if not THE oldest. It's like many other fairs, except this one has the largest pumpkin contest! Check out the size of this one. We enjoyed the food and fun of the day and went back to our little home happy, full and content with how our trip had been going.


LA Adams said...

Prize winning pumpkin? He's a monster.