Sunday, November 29, 2009

We were introduced to Gigi's.

While in Nashville, the Gholson's and G&G Christensen introduced Celia and I to Gigi's bakery. Bry, you would love this place. This little bakery boutique carry's AMAZING cupcakes. It's pretty crazy what they can do with cake and frosting. So we got to enjoy these little cakes of delightfulness. Mine was yellow cake with strawberry frosting, a Miss Princess cupcake. Appropriate? ;)

Celia and I also made our first ever trips to Sonic. I have to say, getting tots instead of fries is pretty dang good! Their burgers were pretty good too:) It was a great culinary holiday weekend!


LA Adams said...

Ok now I've been deprived. Never been to Sonic. Did Celia go with you for the whole Boston trip or just back east at Thanksgiving time?

lisa c. said...

Celia just went with me to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It was pretty fun to see family and the sights with her!