Thursday, February 7, 2008

primary confusion

I caught the end of the Super Tuesday results shows, for most of the results I was in Business law class, going over leases, what fun! So it was a little disappointing to sit down and see that Romney only was able to carry a few state primaries and caucuses. I guess I don't understand the politics in this country. For the most part, I would prefer many options in my choice to vote for president. I actually feel that having many candidates to choose from up until the party convention is healthy. Why push out candidates who may have good ideas and keep them from bringing up issues? I guess I'm just discouraged by the lack of good candidates. Up until the primary, I was pretty undecided about which candidate to choose. Once I did choose, I again realized, I didn't really like any of them, so choosing the lesser of three evils is what it came down to. There just doesn't seem to be a candidate that I can rally around. So, here's to the ultra-right conservative, the liberal-conservative and the flip-flopping conservative. May the best man win!


Shelley & Steve said...

When I registered to vote I didn't pick a party so when I went to vote i could only vote on the democrat nominees or none. I considered trying to screw up the dems but I couldn't decide which one I wanted to mess with! And then I realized that that isn't what voting is about and I started to feel guilty. So I didn't vote for anybody. What I found sad was that Prop 91 was basically a useless prop and even those for it said to vote no, and still a large portion voted yes... come on people... read the booklet!