Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What are parents thinking?

I just walked to the UCSD bookstore on my break from work (yes people I'm at work typing this post, but my boss is out of the office and didn't give me anything to work on last week, so 3 days of no work!), and saw something that has baffled me for a while. Why do parents think it okay to take their young children into a coffee shop and buy them little coffee's? It seems like such an irresponsible thing to do, to start training a 9 year old that he/she can't make it through the day without their caffeine in the morning fix. Not right. Sorry little editorial, I just saw this episode at the new coffee shop in the bookstore and needed to vent it. Another thing, UCSD bookstore is so trying to become like Barnes and Noble, they just added a Perks coffee shop, and then you can go browse the rows of books arranged in pretty little shelving units with eye catching paraphenelia all around! So marketing savvy!


kim said...

Hi Lisa,
I saw your comment on my friend Vanessa's blog. Of course I remember you! I think I even came to visit you with Shelley a couple of times. The history major right? How do you know Vanessa? It is a small world.
Hope your doing well!

84RKR said...

i actually kind of like the new look in the bookstore.
does this make me evil?

lisa c. said...

Yes, Pete, you're evil!