Monday, June 9, 2008


I did a funny thing today, and sadly, there was no one there to witness another "Classic Lisa Moment." I was sitting on our department's reference desk at work and had to quickly run back through the staff only door to get something from my desk. I started to trot back and in the process, my black flats started sliding off my feet. In that instant, I knew I was headed for trouble. Yup, the black flats started to come off and my feet got tangled up and....boom, I hit the ground. I went flying, knees first, onto the tiled floor our department sports. No matter how old I may think I'm getting, I can't seem to grow out of these moments.

**And the brain exercising has been working, apparently we need to work on my motor skills, but as mentioned in an earlier post, I had lost a number of important items. I found one yesterday!


Shelley & Steve said...

haha... but did you spill any food on you? That would have made it better!

Jeff & Rushell said...

Way funny... I think this is a Christensen trait. I fall, trip, run into things all the time! I am suprised Jeff doesn't walk around next to me with his arms out just in case I go over his way.