Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer of firsts..

I was talking to a friend last night about being 28 and how it is a great year (she turns 28 on Friday). And I thought, it's been a summer of firsts for me, my first time to Hawaii, my first drastic haircut, and other emotional firsts...and now, my first sushi experience. Yes folks, I had never had sushi, until last night. Manda thought I should FINALLY try the good stuff and then I would be addicted. So, last night with a group of friends that could surround me in comfort, safety and love, I tried sushi.

And the results:
I like spider rolls, shrimp tempura rolls(since they're cooked, I thought I'd like it), dragon rolls and eel(who would have thought). I think I did pretty well on all of them. There was one roll with a spicy salmon on top that looked a little scary to me. But I had said I would try them all. So as I stared at this big piece of rice and raw-something in the middle, with what I found out later was ground tuna on top, I thought to myself, this one is the test. I put it in, chewed...

Verdict? That one was gross. The ground up tuna (Rach described it as a fish smoothie, THANKS, that helped!) was spicy, but the texture was just nasty! Fish goo!! so that one will not be on my next plate.

Overall, the experience was really good. I tried about 9 different kinds (way too many names for me to remember what they were called, let alone what was in them), I got over my fear of sushi and found that I can try new things. And even if I have a lifelong, irrational thought about something, I can get over that. So while you may not find me out frequenting sushi establishments every weekend, I will be able to go and say, yes I like...and tick off what I want, as someone who has eaten sushi.

The Summer of Firsts has begun!

update: the 3rd and final missing item of importance to me, my camera, has been found. All items are now recovered and being lovingly cared for in secure places!


Rachel said...

YUM!!!! Fish Smoothie! it's not liek i made you drink it!

Shelley & Steve said...

Yuck... that's nasty. I don't know if we can be sisters anymore... Sushi? What happened to you?

Allison said...

You are a champ. No me gusta!

brandon & alisa said...

Congrats on finding your camera AND trying sushi! Sushi is probably my very favorite thing to eat, ever. I LOVE LOVE it!