Monday, June 23, 2008

Who thought SD didn't get hot?!?

So, this is a little rant about how SD building contractors didn't think before they built. This weekend, I about melted into a "Lisa puddle." It was so stinking (yes, that too) hot. "But you live in San Diego, on the coast," you might say. I know! but it can still get hot here! The condo's/apartments/homes built along the coast here were not built with AC. I guess it the thought was for the cool ocean breeze to always be there to flow over the hills and cool us down. Not so! There is no breeze! I sat by the pool on saturday afternoon and melted, getting into the pool, getting out and melting again. That night, when it was still probably 100 degrees (felt like it) my friends and I hit up the local movie theater. I was paying for the movie yes,(Get Smart was REALLY funny) but mainly paying for a share of the cool air. I probably could have slept there if the air kept running!


Shelley & Steve said...

Yeah it was really hot up here too. I was mainly inside with the air on though. Steve worked out in the garage all morning though! And it was DANG HOT!!! This heat better go away!