Monday, June 16, 2008

new products?

So on Saturday, my friends and I were out shopping, and we were in Nordstrom's at one point. There were these rings that looked like big ring pops, but more granite/stone looking. Kind of interesting. They looked like they could be large erasers as well. So my friends and I were thinking of marketing a new school supply necessity, the eraser ring. Students could wear this ring, and easily turn their hand over to erase their work. No more messy erasers on the tops of your pencils, that fall apart! Easy usage. One little tip, please put on the correct size ring. I put one on to see how it looked (these things stand about 2 inches high!) and it wouldn't come off! I got it over my knuckle, but it wouldn't come back over. So I pulled and tugged, then Jenny pulled and tugged and finally Bryonny had to pull and tug and it came off. I was just cracking up, thinking I was going to have pay $60 (ridiculous!) for this granite/stone hideous looking ring that I would never be able to get off!


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

I sadly have had to purchase 'stuck' jewelry before! Thank goodness for a little windex that took it right off! (call me greek, but it works every time!)